Patriots’ Jalen Reagor Ignites Week 17 Clash with Explosive 98-Yard Kickoff Return


Patriots’ Jalen Reagor Ignites Week 17 Clash with Explosive 98-Yard Kickoff Return. The New England Patriots kicked off their Week 17 showdown against the Buffalo Bills in spectacular fashion, thanks to the electrifying performance of kick returner Jalen Reagor.

Reagor’s opening kick return for a 98-yard touchdown set the tone for the game, giving the Patriots an early 7-0 lead without their offense even stepping onto the field. Read more our latest post USC Basketball.

Dynamic Start for the Patriots’ Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor’s remarkable kickoff return marked the Patriots’ first touchdown of this kind since the 2018 season. The play showcased Reagor’s agility and speed as he skillfully navigated through the Bills’ special teams.

Notably, New England’s special teams ace, Matthew Slater, provided a crucial block that played a pivotal role in Reagor’s successful journey to the end zone.

Special Teams Success Continues: This impressive kickoff return comes on the heels of the Patriots’ special teams making an impact in their previous game against the Denver Broncos.

In that matchup, Cody Davis scored a touchdown by recovering a fumble off a Denver kickoff return, contributing to the Patriots’ 26-23 victory.

Patriots Seek Redemption:

The Patriots’ kickoff return for a touchdown against the Bills was a moment of payback from last year’s clash, where Buffalo’s Nyheim Hines returned the opening kickoff for a 96-yard touchdown. Despite Hines’ explosive plays, the Bills emerged victorious with a 35-23 win.

This time around, the 4-11 Patriots aimed to upset the 9-6 Bills and started on a high note with Reagor’s stellar performance.

Early Hurdles for the Patriots:

While the kickoff return provided a boost for the Patriots, their hopes of an upset took a hit as they committed three turnovers in the first quarter. These turnovers led to 13 points for the Bills, emphasizing the importance of ball security in a tightly contested matchup.


Jalen Reagor’s opening kickoff return not only added excitement to the Patriots-Bills clash but also showcased the team’s resilience in the face of adversity. As the game unfolds, both teams will look to capitalize on key plays and strategic moves to secure a crucial victory in this Week 17 showdown.

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